Yes you absolutely CAN enrich your relationships and experience a more fulfilling life!

Dr. Sam Reimer from Restoration Counselling Services looks forward to assisting anyone who is looking for help to find, restore, and/or maintain a sense of wholeness, healing and balance in their life.

Restoration Counselling is located in downtown Kelowna, British Columbia. Dr. Sam provides counselling services to individuals, couples, family, and groups.

Our Kelowna area counselling services can help with many issues, such as :

  • Abuse
  • Addictions & Co-dependency
  • Anger and Stress Management
  • Depression and Grief
  • Mental Health/Illness
  • Spirituality and Christian Faith
  • WCB, CVAP, & Insurance Claims - Emotional Healing

Dr. Sam Reimer looks forward to helping you resolve stressors so that you are able to really enjoy life more. Being globally minded, he is willing to connect with clients anywhere in the world via telephone, Skype, or face to face. He is typically available on short notice and is willing to provide services that include

  • mediation
  • trauma debriefing
  • workshops on various topics as noted above
  • counselling
  • ... and more ...